My husband and I decided we wanted to homeschool when we became parents.   It was not even feasible until recently when my husband obtained a new job with a better salary.  I would probably need to supplement his income a little just so we have some savings in the bank. However, finances would be VERY tight. I have a good job right now with a good salary as a paralegal and office manager. Since my husband obtained new employment, we are finally able to start putting a little in savings and to begin paying off credit card debt. So, to leave my job to homeschool is a little scary. Our son is in kindergarten, in a private, Lutheran school right now. The school is alright, but we haven’t been thrilled. Then, this week, I was approached by 2 homeschooling friends who want to start an Orthodox homeschool co-op.  I think I could do some freelance paralegal work and, if we had enough children in the co-op, I could receive a small stipend; both would help supplement our income.  We are really torn. Any advice?