I was asking Al McGee (see first link on Blogroll) about the beliefs in Hinduism on the body. He kindly responded about the various views on the body within Hinduism and Yoga. He mentioned how some Christians negatively view the body, since they have allowed Platonic tradition to alter their theology. This is not Christianity! As Al said to me, Christianity teaches an integrated view of mind/body/soul.

I have read some on Taoism and Buddhism. I know almost nothing about Hinduism. It is a shame that so much of Christianity is gnostic in their views! What I like about Al is that he affirms what is good in the eastern religions, yet shows that Christianity is a better way…a whole way. It is more life affirming. If more Christians could reject the gnosticism which has creped in to their theology, and stop denigrating eastern religions, more people would be attracted to Christianity!